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In order to obtain optimum performance, Sterling can provide accessories established by specification; or recommend an application with quality engineering, efficient design, dependability, safety and cost in mind. By use of reputable, service-oriented, accessory manufacturers for the customer’s special requirements, Sterling can address demands made by today’s power and process industries.

  A standard list of accessories might include:  

• Safety Relief Valves
• Vacuum Breakers
• Level Gauges, Switches & Transmitters
• Pressure Gauges
• Thermometers

• Vent Valves
• Overflow Control Valves
• Inlet Control Valves
• Steam Inlet Control Valves
• Many other specific job needs

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For Spare Parts Contact
Sterling in Cumming, GA
Phone: 770-205-1969
Fax: 770-205-2882

For New Equipment Contact
Sterling in Lee’s Summit, MO
Phone: 816-524-5382
Fax: 816-524-5480